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Results & Gallery

Some photos of our clients that have let us take to share with you. 

The before and after with amazing results.

Shoulder  pain

Client who presented with chronic shoulder pain and limited range of movement.

After one treatment❗️

The picture on the left shows before. ⛔️

The picture on the right shows after reduce pain and improved mobility. ✅

The small circles on the right shoulder are from cupping.

Practitioner: Nick (Sports Massage Therapist)

Medical acupuncture

is the use of acupuncture following a medical diagnosis. It involves stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles of the body.

A course of acupuncture usually creates longer-lasting​ pain relief than when a single treatment is used.

chronic pain such as

• neck pain

• back pain 

 shoulder pain

• leg pain 

• joint pain

• dental pain

• postoperative pain

To be used in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment.

Client who presented with lower back and hip pain.        

 Practitioner: Sophie (Registered Osteopath)

Client who presented with shoulder pain and lower back pain. 

Practitioner: Sophie (Registered Osteopath)

Neck pain

Client who presented with chronic neck pain and locking when turning.

After one treatment❗️

The picture on the left shows before. ⛔️

The picture on the right shows reduce muscle tension, improved range of movement and pain free. ✅

Practitioner: Nick (Sports Massage Therapist)


The vacuum lift helps to increase in blood flow and induces a stretch effect, which results in a reduction in muscle tension and associated pain.

During Dry Cupping therapy, cups can either be left in a static position or moved to provide a deep tissue massage effect.

Client who presented with lower back pain ,tightness in neck and shoulders.

Practitioner: Nick (Sports Massage Therapist)

Boxing athlete Full body cupping & Sports massage treatment.

Practitioner: Nick (Sports Massage Therapist)

Infant Osteopathic Treatment 

Cranial osteopathy is an osteopathic technique using very gentle and subtle movements to release restrictions and correct the body's alignment. 

The osteopath works with the body's own fluid movement by mainly palpating the cranial bones, spine and sacrum and thereby attempting to restore health to the body.

Cranial osteopathy for treating reflux helps the neck and diaphragm of baby relax, so that feeding is more comfortable and efficient. 

The stomach and digestion generally responds to relaxation and calming, so that milk is naturally processed and absorbed.

Practitioner: Sophie (Registered Osteopath